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    Accepting New Patients 

    Your child's health is in the right hands at our dental office in Thornhill.

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    The Right Dental Care for Your Child

    Our services are provided by general dentists and pediatric specialists.

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  • Dental Education For Parents, Thornhill Dentist

    Protecting Smiles in Thornhill 

    Get the educational tools you need to support your child in their dental journey to a healthy smile. 

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    Anxious about Treatment?

    We offer sedation services to help eliminate your child's anxiety and nerves. 

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Ontario Family Dentists, Toronto

Kid-friendly Dental Care!

Putting your family first. Contact our dentists today in Thornhill to schedule an appointment for your child. 

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Ontario Family Dentists

Our Thornhill Dentists

Our dentists are smile makers who provide customized treatment plans for our patients. Meet our dentists!

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Family Dentists, Guelph, Etobicoke, Toronto, Thornhill

Early Dental Treatment

Dental care should start early. Our dentists can help you and your children receive the dental care they need.

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Orthodontics and Braces, Toronto Dentist

Orthodontics for Kids

Check out our orthodontic services for kids! Feel confident and comfortable knowing your child's straight smile is in the right hands. 

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Your child's dental health has been our top priority for many years.

Thornhill Dental Associates offers dental care for kids and provides guidance and dental educational support for parents.

Kid-friendly Dental Care in Thornhill

Our dentists provide comprehensive dental care for children and families in the Thornhill community. To better accommodate the dental health of your family, we also have dental offices located in Toronto, Etobicoke and Guelph. 

Our wide range of dental services are geared toward the unique needs of children. They include management of the growth and development of dentition, nutrition counselling, restorative dentistry, custom mouth guards, oral hygiene and preventive education. Our dentists in Thornhill also provide our patients with sedation and general anesthesia services to make their visit to the dentist as comfortable and pleasant as possible. 

We offer additional kid-friendly dental services such as general hygiene, pulp therapy, fillings, and space maintainers.

A healthy lifestyle starts from childhood and our dental team wants to be there every step of the way. Your family is our number one priority!

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Kid-Friendly Dental Care, Thornhill Dental Associates

At Thornhill Dental Associates, we have both general dentists and pediatric specialists.